Safety Measures Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Be Safe

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Star of the North SDT will follow the rules and guidance issued by the State of Minnesota in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Should the governor impose a ban on large gatherings, we will cancel the trial. We are also reliant on our partners at Gale Woods who are subject to the regulations issued by the state and the Three Rivers Park District and we will incorporate those regulations and guidance into our operations.

We all want to resume trialling and to do so, we need to be safe and we need to be mindful and respectful of our fellow handlers and the community at large. As a result, we will be taking the following precautions:

• Social distancing is to be observed when ever possible. Please remain six feet from other handlers who are not members of your own family as much as possible

• Masks are to be worn at all times in the tent, in the porta-potties, and in the parking areas or at any time you cannot maintain greater than ten yards distance between you and other people on-site. This includes the camping areas, and when working the pens, scribing, or any other activity that requires close proximity to other people. Anyone found not complying with this request will be asked to leave.

• We will not use the Handler's Tent for seating. It will be used for keeping the scoreboard and coffee etc dry. If the weather is wet, we may allow handlers to park nearer the trial field, depending on the state of the grass, on Friday and Sunday when there are no spectators (assuming the park allows spectators to attend).

• If Spectators are permitted, we will cordon off a "Handlers Only" area.

• We will not be providing lunch on Friday or for breakfast. Coffee and Tea will still be available but please bring your own travel mugs. We will have concessions on site Saturday as usual and will order in on Sunday for those who wish to and providing we can arrange individual orders.

• We may adjust the running order to enable handlers running more than one dog to run both dogs morning or afternoon, so that handlers can leave early or arrive later. This will depend on the weather among other things. This decision will be made early in the week of the trial.

• Hand sanitzer will be available on site.

* We would ask that porta-potty doors be propped open when not in use and if at all possible you leave five minutes between you and the last person to use the facility.

• There will be no Handler's Meetings. Information regarding the course, time, sheep and other information will be included with the running orders at the trial or distributed ahead of time

* Please don't congregate around the scoreboard. Take a photo, move away, peruse it at your leisure. I may try to have some way of posting scores electronically either on the website or via Twitter during the trial.

• You will be asked to sign a waiver releasing Star of the North SDT and Three Rivers Park District from any liability should you become ill at some point after attending the trial.

• We would ask that you comply with any other requests designed to make the event safer either those posted or distributed at the trial, or those requested by Gale Woods staff. Please accept them in the spirit in which they are intended  - to keep everyone safe and allow everyone to trial again

Be Calm

If you encounter a situation at the trial that makes you uncomfortable, don't feel the need to confront the individual. Please bring it to my attention and I will deal with it.

Be Kind

The issues around how best to respond to the COVID-19 have become controversial and emotional for many of our friends and neighbors. Anxieties and emotions are running high at the moment and many people are feeling the stress of these unusual times. Please be kind to your fellow handlers and members of the public and consider that they may be experiencing stress and anxiety that you are not aware of.

Whether or not we feel that these restrictions are the "right way" to deal with the situation, they are the measures that I feel are best designed to keep all attendees safe and comfortable. They are based on the guidance and requirements from the State of Minnesota, the CDC, the USBCHA, and Gale Woods and I would ask your forbearance and cooperation in making them work for everyone - Thank you.