Information for Handlers

This year's trial will be the 16th year of Star of the North SDT which I started back in 2006, a year after I started trialling with my first Border Collie Riel. It would not have been possible without the support of Tim Reese and the staff at Gale Woods Farm who have been great partners over the years.

Turning the post with Cal 2006

Dates for this year's trial are September 25th - 27th.

Entries open July 6th and remain open until the trial fills or the first day of the trial.

Last day to withdraw with refund is September 4th.

The judge is T.B.A.

The tentative schedule of classes is as follows:

Friday Sept 25th, 7:00AM Open 1, followed by Nursery 1 and PN 1

Saturday Sept 26th 7:00AM , Nursery 2, ProNovice 2, Open 2

Sunday Sept 27th , 7:30AM, Novice/Ranch 1, Novice/Ranch 2, Open 3

This is subject to change depending on entries. If we get enough entries in Open, we will likely drop Open 3 (refunds will be given at the trial) and run Novice/Ranch and ProNovice on Friday and Open on Saturday and Sunday. If that happens I will let people know before the drop date so that anyone who is unable to change their schedule has a chance to withdraw.

I still reserve the right to make any other changes necessary without notice should weather or other unforeseen circumstances require it.

Entry Forms

Downloadable Entry form is availablehere

Online Entry form is availablehere